Blugold Radio proudly plays music from Western Wisconsin bands and would love to add your music to the list!

We are a small staff at this point and reviewing a bunch of new tunes. So, we do ask that you pick out 1-3 singles to play on the air to help sustain our resources to get great local music on the air.

If your are having a hard time selecting songs, we totally understand that. Here’s some helpful pointers we’ve assembled:

A song list:
– Pick your best 2 or 3 songs which you want us to review.
– Signposts. Who might you sound like? Most people say “Radiohead” or “The Beatles”. Don’t aim so high; go for cooler indie bands in your genre that have a similar sound. You could also include genre in there as well.
– Avoid too much clutter; get to the point and keep it clean and focused
– On swearing, best choice is to send either clean or edited tracks. If not, make sure to list if songs are FCC unfriendly, as in any songs with cursing.

Most importantly, bear in mind we want to get you on the radio! We just want to make sure that we have the best songs to promote your sound.

Please email your singles to:

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