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A Letter from Station Manager Scott Morfitt

Hi Friends,

Turning on the radio and hearing local and independent music on Blugold Radio every day is a pleasure for me and a treasure to this community. And, I believe you are reading this because it’s a pleasure for you too.

Some people are unaware that Blugold Radio staff works with fantastic UWEC students and community members to produce this station while receiving no direct funding from the University or state and federal government.

This means that every dollar spent buying music, powering our transmitter, and producing quality programming must be paid through underwriting and community support.

I am writing you today because Blugold Radio needs your help to stay alive and keep great radio on our airwaves. Your tax-deductible sustaining donation, coupled with others in this community, will ensure that music made here can be heard on the airwaves and students can attain real- world experience within the radio industry.

We are planning a pledge drive to run for two weeks starting on November 28th which will run for two weeks. Our goal is to get 300 members at the $10 a month level. Your gift today will ensure that our pledge drive will be able to run that much shorter.

Here’s what your gift provides for us:

  • $10 per month will provide half of a day of Blugold Radio 99.9 FM.
  • $15 per month will ensure the production of a podcast on our website,
  • $20 per month will provide 20 hours of industry-standard production training for student producers.
  • $25 per month will provide paying for our web streaming service for six months.

Your help and generosity will not only help Blugold Radio continue to stay on the air, but it will also work to strengthen the arts and music community through concerts and foster new music talent in this community.

Blugold Radio means a great deal to all of us who care about into what this community is growing. Thank you for considering giving; your sustaining gift will help to keep Blugold Radio rocking 24/7 365 days per year!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you funded through the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire?

While we are located on the campus and provide high impact learning opportunities for students, we receive zero dollars in operational funding from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Does Blugold Radio receive tax money?

No, we receive zero of your tax dollars from organizations like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  So, without listener support Blugold Radio cannot sustainably carry on their operations.

Are gifts to Blugold Radio Tax Deductible?

Yes, all gifts to Blugold Radio are made through our parent organization the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Foundation. Additionally, acknowledgement letters are provided for your tax purposes.

Do you prefer one-time or sustaining donations?

Because of the predictable funding of sustaining donations, we do appreciate those gifts. Sustainers not only keep our fundraising budgets low, they also diminish our need for pledge drives which we hear makes people happy.

Though, we are grateful for gifts of any type or size.

How often will you do pledge drives?

Our hope is to keep our pledge drives to once a year. Sustaining memberships will make this possible.

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