Thanks for your support!

As a small independent community radio station we need your help to power our transmitter and continue to be a home for great music made in Western Wisconsin to be played in Western Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you funded through the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire?

While we are located on the campus and provide high impact learning opportunities for students, we receive zero dollars in operational funding from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Does Converge Radio receive tax money?

No, we receive zero of your tax dollars from organizations like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  So, without listener support Converge Radio cannot sustainably carry on their operations.

Are gifts to Converge Radio Tax Deductible?

Yes, all gifts to Converge Radio are made through our parent organization the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Foundation. Additionally, acknowledgement letters are provided for your tax purposes.

Do you prefer one-time or sustaining donations?

Because of the predictable funding of sustaining donations, we do appreciate those gifts. Sustainers not only keep our fundraising budgets low, they also diminish our need for pledge drives which we hear makes people happy.

Though, we are grateful for gifts of any type or size.

How often will you do pledge drives?

Our hope is to keep our pledge drives to once a year. Sustaining memberships will make this possible.

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