Converge Podcasts

Along with a 24/7 radio broadcast of specialty shows, local hosts, and national and local music combined, Converge Radio is also home to a wide array of featured podcasts!

                                   Bend In the River

Bend in the River is a serialized radio drama following the story of David Sunby, a man who mysteriously time traveled back to 1958.Bend in the River is written by the Chippewa Valley Writer’s Guild, voiced by Chippewa Valley community members, and produced by Converge Radio 99.9 FM. Discover more


                                                                          Never Records

Never Records is a combination recording studio and record shop, setting up in locales throughout the world. The sole proprietor, interior decorator, and engineer is New York-based artist Ted Riederer. Inspired by his own redemptive education at a young age inside the walls of a local record store in Rockville, Maryland as well as the field recording projects of Alan Lomax, Riederer devised his unique community art installation in the early part of this century and has been replicating it with regional variations throughout the world since 2010. Discover More

                                     Oddly Enough

Oddly Enough is the podcast about everything and nothing, literally. From the minds and mouths of Magen and Chris, trusted experts in absolutely nothing, they bring you Oddly Enough. Together they give you two perspectives on life and the harsh realities we all face today when it comes to dishwashers, living in Los Angeles and being labeled as a…..millennial. Discover More


                                                                       Sounds of Eau Claire

The Sounds of Eau Claire Podcast is an interview series with local business owners, musicians, artists, and many others that make up the great city of Eau Claire, WI. Some guests include Michael Perry, Evan Middlesworth, and Linda John. Discover More




                                                                     Wisconsin History Theater

Wisconsin History Theater is a radio drama that depicts important or tantalizing events of Eau Claire’s past. While the drama aren’t 100% historically accurate, they are based in truth thanks to help from the Chippewa Valley Museum.

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