If you are a student in 9-12th grade*, “Rock and Roll Homeroom” is your chance to see what the radio world is all about. Each week Converge Radio 99.9 brings a team of 1-4 people together to host a 2 hour radio program which airs 10-Noon on Saturdays.
Check out our FAQ or apply below!
*During the summer, students entering 9th grade through recent grads are eligible.


What if I am nervous about hosting live?
Don’t worry about that! Each show is prerecorded a few days before the show airs. Our producers will work with you to make you and your team sound great on the air.

Do I have to pick all the songs for my show?
Before each episode, we will contact you and ask your team for 4-8 songs.


What classes do I need to take to be eligible?

We have no specific classes that you need to be in to host this show. Some experience in drama, forensics, public speaking, and/or music is helpful. However, we will work with you no matter your background.


Will my friends and family be able to hear it?
Yes! We are on the radio at 99.9 FM and streaming at ConvergeRadio.org!


  • Turn in application 1-4 weeks before show airs.
  • Be a student in 9-12 grade.
  • Must go to school in Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, St. Croix, Polk, Barron, Clark or Trempealeau County.
  • Be available and have transportation for your recording session typically from 5-7pm at Converge Radio’s Eau Claire studio.
  • Abide by Converge Radio producers decisions on standards for what is appropriate.

Desire to learn how to make radio while having fun

*Parental permission is required to participate in the Rock and Roll Homeroom program.*

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