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Here at Converge, we pride ourselves on our staff full of hardworking, dedicated, and unique individuals who make up the team of your favorite radio station. Keep up with our staff on Facebook and Instagram, and see what music they are digging up and playing for you on our Playlist page. Happy listening!


Cole Edgell – Midwest Hip Hop

Hailing from White Bear Lake, MN, Cole Edgell joined the staff at Converge in 2018 as a Music Librarian and has hosted specialty shows like Freshly Squeezed and the WBA Award-Winning show, Midwest Hip Hop with his good friend and co-host, Paul Unnasch. Aside from hosting and production duties for Midwest Hip Hop, Cole works as a graphic designer for the station and is the mastermind behind the Converge Live Playlist. Cole is also a 2019 graduate of UWEC with a degree in Integrated Strategic Communication-Advertising and minor in Multimedia Communication.

Away from the mic you can catch Cole enjoying the company of his dog and girlfriend, designing, texting Paul about MWHH, crate digging and patiently awaiting the next Frank Ocean release.

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski 

“This is bowling. There are rules”, except replace bowling with radio.

Favorite Food: Quickest way to my heart is via cinnamon roll.

Prized Possession: My grandpa’s smoke infested 1972 Technics SL-1200 turntable.

Favorite Song: Brooklyn Zoo by ODB, because Wu-Tang is for the children.

Catch Cole on Midwest Hip Hop every Wednesday night at 8pm.


Ed Hudgins – Tomme Suab Show

Hey there! My name is Ed Hudgins and I host the Tomme Suab Show on Converge Radio! More importantly, I am a follower of Jesus, husband to Charlotte, and daddy to Josh. Music has always spoken deeply to me. It’s been a source of peace, a reminder of loss, a provider of cheer, and a stoker of anger. Music’s impact on me personally led me to start Tomme Suab in 2013 (more information here).  My heart’s cry is for shalom… well-being and peace for all of us. The Tomme Suab Show is geared toward helping us get there, one song, one story, one thought at a time.


Chris Johnson – Passion Pod

Chris Johnson is the owner of Passion Board Shop located in downtown Eau Claire. Last year he began recording for his show titled the “Passion Pod” as a way to branch out and expand his interests. The Passion Pod now has 2 complete 10 episode seasons available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most other streaming platforms. Every episode since the very beginning has premiered right here on Converge Radio. 

The Passion Pod is an inspirational storytelling experience with unique guests that are also pursuing careers based on their passions. Episodes are roughly an hour each and include 3 song selections chosen by the guest. Guests come from a vast variety of backgrounds and many are from right here in Eau Claire. Past guests range from local photographer and entrepreneur Kyle Lehman, to the owner of MobCraft Beer in Milwaukee (Henry Schwartz), to local rapper Miles BLVD, and many more.

Tune in every Wednesday night at 7pm and gain some inspiration to pursue your own passions.


Daily Hosts

Konnor Denzine

Konnor Denzine is an active member of the Chippewa Valley music scene. Catch him out and about attending shows, playing music, or even on the radio (shocker)! Weather permitting, Konnor enjoys long walks on the beach and moshing.
Check him out on Wednesday from 11am-1pm!


Sarah Jo Ferraro

Sarah Jo has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and certificates in women gender & sexuality studies and arts administration. They love going to live shows and working with musicians behind the scenes doing photography, videography & design work. Sarah Jo dreams of working in the music industry whether that means continuing in radio, writing music reviews, shooting music videos, doing live photography, lighting & stage design, etc. Their favorite genres of music are experimental, jazz, indie, punk, rock n roll, & electronica.
Tune in on Wednesday from 3-5pm to catch Sarah Jo on the air!


Cayla Loy

Cayla spends a lot of her time thinking about how much music there is to be made and to be known, and how beautifully that affects herself and her community. She is a music librarian and technician, as well as an on air host on Wednesdays from 8-11 am and Fridays from 10 am – noon. She is also one of the hosts of Converge’s weekly new music show Freshly Squeezed airing Mondays at 5 pm. Send her your new music at wdrkchippewavalley@gmail.com


John Lyberg

John is currently a sophomore at UWEC majoring in integrated strategic communication, with a public relations emphasis. He began working for Converge Radio in September 2019 and along with hosting, works on Converge Radio’s social media and website marketing team. When he isn’t at work or school, John is an avid traveler (as seen above in Joshua Tree, CA) and is enjoying the sights and sounds of the Chippewa Valley.

Catch John on the air Tuesdays from 3pm-5pm and Thursdays from 10am-1pm.


Brad Murphy

Brad is a very outdoorsy person who likes his music like he likes spending time, rustic. That is why he enjoys listening to Americana and bluegrass music. Brad always try to avoid listening to the mainstream Nashville sound because he thinks that the musicians who play by their own rules are the most talented. Some of his favorite musicians include Josh Ritter, Jason Isbell, Jason Eady, Zach Bryan, and Them Coulee Boys. With everything you know about him now, doesn’t it just make sense that Brad would host and produce a show based on it? Brad is the host of Boots and Blue Jeans that plays Americana, bluegrass, and classic country music every Saturday at 9:00 AM CST. Feel free to email him at BootsAndBluejeans1@gmail.com!
Brad is live on the airwaves Tuesdays 8-10am and Wednesday 8-11!


Alexx Stadtlander

Alexx is a music performance major at UWEC also studying communications. She plays in many different ensembles from symphonies to jazz and rock. Alexx is open to most music but her favorite to listen to is hard rock or Indie and local bands. Alexx loves going to shows and learning new songs and instruments. She is also the producer of the radio dramas Oddly Enough.
Catch Alexx on the air Mondays from 10-1 and again on Fridays at 10-1! She also produces the Tuesday night Jazz, Blues and Beyond program.


Paul Unnasch

For as long as he can remember, Paul has had an intimate fascination with music of all kinds. He maintains a concrete belief that music draws out in people what they can’t possibly communicate verbally or in the written form.
Paul grew up on Kinnickinnic Avenue in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, right off of Lake Michigan. His love for local music started there thanks to an annual street festival called Bay View Bash (ask me about Group of the Altos) as well as 88.9 Radio Milwaukee being a consistent presence in his teenage years. Additionally, Paul was always a stone’s throw away from independent record stores, a guitar shop, a bike shop (where he got my first job) and amazing coffee.
“The neighborhood feel I grew up with is very alive here in Eau Claire- I am not far from places I love. Additionally, Eau Claire’s historical connection to music resonates with me.” When Paul is not helping produce great radio, you are likely to run into him at Shift, the Joynt, or Revival Records… and he’ll probably be riding a different bicycle every time you see him.
“I joined Converge Radio in early 2019 and have enjoyed every bit of it, from hosting a few hours a week to putting new episodes of Midwest Hip-Hop out each Wednesday with my good friend, producer and co-host Cole Edgell. I’ve idolized radio and music producers my whole life so to be able to have a small part in it is nothing less than a privilege.”
Catch Paul on air Tuesdays from 10am-1pm and on Midwest Hip-Hop Fridays at 8pm.


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