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Never Records – Episode 82

KANSAS CITY: As an outsider with limited time, I can only hope to scratch the surface when I travel to a new city, yet Never Records seems to have cap…

Never Records – Episode 81

KANSAS CITY: I often say that you can gauge the health of a city by its punk scene. A punk scene does not discriminate. It accepts all comers. The act…

Never Records – Episode 80

KANSAS CITY: Troost Ave is a scar on the map of Kansas City. It’s a color line dividing African American neighborhoods to the East and White more affl…

Never Records – Episode 79

KANSAS CITY: The Latino community in Kansas City is as old as the city itself. And while the Latino population continues to grow at a large rate with …

Warming Houses in our region

With the unprecidented cold weather this week we want to make sure that people throughout our broadcast region are safe and warm. So, we have compiled…

Oddly Enough – Big Ideas

In “BIG IDEAS,” office workers maintain a cheerful facade, as they must ignore a dark workplace undercurrent to stay employed and with ben…

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