EACH WEEK WE BROADCAST TO OVER 4000 LISTENERS IN A 110-MILE REGION that blankets Western Wisconsin. We share local and national independent music. We host live concerts. We broadcast amazing events like the Blue Ox Festival, Chippewa Valley Pride, and Gatsby’s Gala. We record videos for musicians, regardless of their financial means, that are shared on a national level and get them paid gigs. We produce and share community events. We take you from specialty shows like Tunes from the Womb and Jazz, Blues, and Beyond to the radio drama Oddly Enough.

And we need YOUR help to keep us on the air and in our community for years to come. Will you become a sustaining member of Converge Radio with a monthly gift of $50, $20, or $10?

As a non-profit community radio station, we rely on sustaining members to keep us staffed and operational every single day. We need this especially because we receive no taxpayer or tuition funding, as many public media outlets do. Our sustaining members are the lifeblood for sharing local talent and honoring the music scene that our listeners are eager for. So, we ask you to support us as we support the scene.

Join us as a sustaining member with a monthly gift of any amount. Your gift will not only help us power the transmitter that reliably gets our programming to your ears… you’ll help us build our presence in Western Wisconsin, place a stronger emphasis on developing local music talent, and support our newly-launched Arts & Non-Profits news wing. And, as a radio station with local music and art in our DNA, our hope is for the community that we support and foster to support us in tandem.

It is YOUR support that keeps us on the air and delivering high-quality music and content to our listeners. Join us as a sustaining member today with your monthly donation.

Does Converge Radio receive tax money?

No, we receive zero of your tax dollars from organizations like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  So, without listener support Converge Radio cannot sustainably carry on their operations.

Are gifts to Converge Radio Tax Deductible?

Yes, all gifts to Converge Radio are made through our parent organization the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Foundation. Additionally, acknowledgement letters are provided for your tax purposes.

Do you prefer one-time or sustaining donations?

Because of the predictable funding of sustaining donations, we do appreciate those gifts. Sustainers not only keep our fundraising budgets low, they also diminish our need for pledge drives which we hear makes people happy.

Though, we are grateful for gifts of any type or size.

How often will you do pledge drives?

Our hope is to keep our pledge drives to once a year. Sustaining memberships will make this possible.

Are you funded through the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire?

While we are located on the campus and provide high impact learning opportunities for students, we receive zero dollars in operational funding from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

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